Monday, May 6, 2013


I cannot recommend the use of PODS since they have a less than stellar record of customer service and pricing that is just too high.  But while doing my portable storage container research I did find a nice promotional code if you are going to use their storage containers for 3 months or more.  You can get free local delivery for a storage of 3 months with the coupon code: BUNDLE.  Try it.  Let me know if it works for you.


  1. These dimensions that you have given in your post are completely incorrect. Please contact 1-800-776-PODS and ask to be transferred to a Supervisor in order to get the correct information that you need. We take very much pride in protecting our brand, so please double check your information before the next time you decide to make a public post. Please keep us in mind for the future, because even though we were just not a good fit for you back in May 2013, we could be a better fit for you, just depending on what your future needs may be. At PODS, we do offer a much different level of service than any other moving company out there and while I'm not so sure it meets the standards of being,"Stellar," but it sure does surpass that category by leaps and bounds, by over achieving our customers needs, wants and expectations. This is done by providing world class service to our customers and being able to provide them with the very best solution possible. Every moving situation from customer to customer will never be the same; therefore all quotes given will be different in order to fit that customers need. So please keep in mind that while your quote that was given to you was just too high, another quote given to someone else may be for them, just right. Never compare your wallet to someone else. Picking the right company and or product is not all about price, because just having that peace of mind, would have you spend what you needed to, in order make sure that you made the right decision based on your specific needs. It's funny how a person will spend $600 on a cell phone, $500 on a purse, or even just a family a 4 will spend $2,500 for a family vacation at Disney and not even blink and eye, but as soon as they get a moving quote to move their whole lively hood of personal belongings, they get so angry sometimes at their price quote and one minute they are just nice as can be when they start talking to you and then as soon as they hear a price that is too high, the next thing you know is their just mad and angry and they sometimes use profanity and then hang up. All you can do at that point is just shake your head and say, "Wow." At times I say to myself, well thank goodness I didn't send one of my drivers out to that house. People these days are just not what they use to be like they were back in the 80's and 90's, that's for darn sure.

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  2. This is a very interesting comment. I don't know where to start. I have my measurements from when I was standing inside a PODS box and I will double check them. Keep in mind that the construction of these boxes has changed over time so that may inject a variation. I enjoy the comment about asking for a supervisor. I have heard from many people that they can never get past the customer service people on the phone to talk to someone local or to a supervisor. I'm not going to address the level of service question that this comment mentions. I will leave that to the 1000s of reviews available out there. I do find it incredibly interesting that this PODS representative is complaining about their potential customers being angry with PODS. In the end that is all you really need to know about PODS.

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