Monday, November 11, 2013

Where is My POD Storage Unit Stored?

So I saw this news article about a PODS facility that had a mini flood outside their warehouse.  The article is here for you to review and I will be quoting directly from this source a bit.

Obviously it is an awful thought for anyone who has their storage possessions get destroyed by flood or any other mishap.  And I feel for these PODS customers.  I would wish this on nobody.  So what can you do to prevent this from happening to you?  First, you must use common sense.  Second you must ask questions of your storage provider. 


Portable storage containers are all over the place, they come in all shapes and sizes and are constructed in many different ways.  If you ever happen to drive by the actual storage location, you will most definitely see many PODS staged outside.  Ask yourself whether those are full or empty.  Ask yourself whether you would expect your POD to be stored inside.  If you are in the market for portable storage, ask your provider very specifically where your unit will be stored.  Ask for an address.  Go look at the facility.  Ask whether your storage unit will ever be stored outside.  Then ask yourself if their answer is acceptable to you.


This linked article states that:

Customers are upset at PODS, a company that offers portable containers for moving and storage, which admits it left 52 of the units outside in a monsoonal rainstorm earlier this month.  

And that:

The containers flooded because they were left in the parking lot on Aug. 3 while the warehouse was being rearranged.

the PODS website advertises that "PODS Storage Centers are clean, safe and dry."


Which of the following scenarios is most likely?

A)   PODS needed to rearrange some things in the warehouse and therefore quickly moved 52 containers at 5,000 lbs each totaling over 100 tons of containers to the parking lot and had plans to move them all back inside the warehouse before the end of the fork lift drivers shift, but all of a sudden the heavens opened up and without any advanced notice there was 8 inches of water surrounding all 52 PODS before the fork lift driver could finish the rearrangement and move them back inside to safety.

B)   PODS stored the units outside for some period of time.

C)   PODS Storage Centers are always clean, safe and dry.

You be the judge… Whichever is true, you as a storage customer need to know where your things are being stored.  You need to read the contract that you are signing.  You need to know whether your things are insured.  You are storing your things because they are important enough to store and presumably you want them back safe and sound.  If you don’t know where your things are being stored, how can you be confident that they are safe?


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  2. Are POD storage units also classified as climate control storage units? Just wondering.

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